Who makes your LED lights?

  • 1Who is the REAL Manufacturer of your LED lights?
  • 2How long has the Manufacturer of LED lights been in business?
  • 3How BIG is the Manufacturer’s business – in revenues, employees, and size of factory?
  • 4Does the Manufacturer have ISO 9001:2008 Certification?
  • 5Does the Manufacturer have 3rd party test results that comply with international LED lighting standards?
  • 6How much experience does the Manufacturer have with LED technologies?
  • 7What are the Manufacturer’s international achievements in LED manufacturing?
  • 8Does the Manufacturer use quality materials and quality suppliers to make the LED lights?
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  • PROJECTSToyota Autoparts
    A regional manufacturing hub for Toyota with products exported to 11 countries.
  • PROJECTSBrent International School
    Philippines’ premier international school for primary and secondary education.
  • PROJECTSAsian Terminals, Inc.
    A multi-national corporation that develops and operates ports across the country.
  • PRODUCTSLED Downlight
    Most suited for shopping and office areas, with dimmable and non-dimmable options
  • PRODUCTSHighbay Light
    Reduces energy consumption up to 70%, replacement for traditional halogen lights
  • PRODUCTSStreet Light
    80% light efficient, has a customizable modular design with intelligent control functions