The all-new Skyworth LED Canopy Light


Quality U.S.-made CREE LEDs.
Longest life.

Maximum brightness!

Original uniform-fin design heat-sink
for strongest air convection.

Guaranteed durability.!

Ultra-clear tempered glass.
Increased safety.

Highest visual clarity.!

Equalized internal air-pressure.

Longest service life!

Distinct Advantages

  • Skyworth’s all-new 2015 LED Canopy light features the use of American made CREE™ XPE LED chipsets.
  • These high-brightness C.O.B. chipsets are LM80-certified according to strict U.S. Energy Star standards.
  • Skyworth’s advanced radiator design heat sinks are constructed from high-grade aluminum.
  • An original uniform-fin design produces natural air convection, achieving high thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency during operation.
  • Skyworth’s all new 2015 LED Canopy Light is fitted with an ultra-clear tempered glass panel.
  • It’s a protective enclosure capable of higher light transmittance and higher strength vs. ordinary glass panels.
  • Skyworth’s focus on structural integrity has produced an LED Canopy Light with equalized internal pressure.
  • This eliminates harmful air-pressure imbalance, and produces long-term structural protection, more efficient heat dissipation, and longer product life.


• Warehouses and Indoor Depots         • Manufacturing areas
• Indoor Arenas and Gymnasiums        • Retail store areas
• Trade Exhibition Halls

Skyworth LED Canopy Light Models and Product Specifications

ModelWattageCCTLuminous FluxChipsetCRIBeam AngleInput VoltageProduct Size
CYZ-2039A70w5700k - 6500k7000lmCREE BRIDGELUX75Ra135° x 60° | 90° x 60°100v - 277v327 x 327 x 143
CYZ-2019A100w5700k - 6500k11000lmCREE BRIDGELUX75Ra135° x 60° | 90° x 60°100v - 277v328 x 327 x 143
CYZ-2029A150w5700k - 6500k15000lmCREE BRIDGELUX75Ra135° x 60° | 90° x 60°100v - 277v329 x 327 x 143


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