The all-new Skyworth LED Down Light


EPISTAR LEDs with 80 Ra Color Rendering Index
Exceptional, Real-Life colors.

Superior Illumination.

Quality Polycarbonate enclosure.
Secure and advanced electrical connection.

Safeguarded on the outside and from within.

Skyworth LED backlight technology.
Lowest glare index readings.

Glare-free, uniform light distribution.

Distinct Advantages

  1. Color Rendering Index = 80Ra
  2. NO external wires. Electrical connection via Flicking needle
  3. Heat sink made of aircraft-grade aluminum = Anti-corrosion
  4. LED driver modularity, designed by Skyworth; driver is a constant-current driver for added electrical protection
  5. LED driver casing material made of polycarbonate
  6. Diffuser adopted from Skyworth’s patented backlight technology to provide max light ouput, but with anti-glare uniform index <19
  7. Chipsets = SMD 2835 chipsets provide max light output and advanced thermal dissipation performance

Skyworth’s all-new LED Down Lights are fitted with SMD 2835 LEDs from EPISTAR, Taiwan’s foremost chip maker. These leading technology chipsets are LM80 certified according to strict U.S. Energy Star standards, and produce a Color Rendering Index of 80Ra. Your areas and objects become vividly illuminated in their true colors, enabling you to enjoy an inviting and brightly-lit atmosphere. Vivid Color Rendering. Superior Illumination.

Skyworth has created a new modular design for the external driver of its LED Down Light. All LED driver components are safely protected within an enclosure of strong, impact-resistant Polycarbonate material. All external wires have been eliminated. Skyworth has designed a secure electrical connection using a flicking needle switch technology. Toughest enclosure, made from quality engineering materials. Safeguarded on the outside. Secure electrical connection, designed with advanced electrical methods. Safeguarded from within. 


• Residences                               • Offices                                • Shopping Malls                                 • Retail Stores                                • and Others

Skyworth LED Down Light Models and Product Specifications

ModelWattageCCTLuminous FluxChipsetCRIBeam AngleInput VoltageProduct Size
CSD-6819B5w3000k + 300k
5300k +7000k
425lmEpisar SMD 283580 Ra110 °100v - 277v AC130 x 130 x 86 mm
CSD-6829B9w3000k + 300k
5300k +7000k
810lmEpistar SMD 283680 Ra110 °100v - 277v AC155 x 155x 86 mm
CSD-6839B12w3000k + 300k
5300k +7000k
1080lmEpistar SMD 283780 Ra110 °100v - 277v AC183 x 183 x 90 mm
CSD-6849B15w3000k + 300k
5300k +7000k
1350lmEpistar SMD 283880 Ra110 °100v - 277v AC210 x 210 x 90 mm
CSD-6859B20w3000k + 300k
5300k +7000k
1800lmEpistar SMD 283980 Ra110 °100v - 277v AC522 x 522 x 90 mm

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