The all-new Skyworth LED Flood Light

U.S.-made CREE or Japan-made Citizen LEDs with >98% Lumens Maintenance.
The perfect package.

The highest luminous output!

Massive cooling fins.
Super-clear tempered glass cover.
Genuine IP65 rating.

Real outdoor construction!

Low, to Mid, to High power models.
Ensuring you use the correct product for
the correct application.

The most complete line-up!

Distinct Advantages

  • LED Flood Light made by Skyworth use Japan-made CITIZEN™ and U.S.-made CREE chipsets. Both are recognized world-class LEDs and set the marks for compliance with Energy Star LM80 international testing compliance, with >98% lumen maintenance.
  • These provide a powerful light output and high cooling performance – the PERFECT package for the most demanding flood light requirements.
  • The all-new Skyworth LED Flood Lights bear a genuine IP65 rating compliant to IEC 60598-2-5 standards. True and complete protection from dust and low pressure water jets from all directions!
  • Massive cooling fins line the heat sink element, enabling smooth air flow throughout and rapid heat relief.
  • Skyworth LED Flood Lights use super-clear tempered glass panels with high light transmittance and superior impact resistance.


• Perimeter areas                              • High mast lighting
• Building facades                             • Entrance and docking areas
• Outdoor product displays

Skyworth LED Flood Light Models and Product Specifications

ModelWattageCCTLuminous FluxChipsetCRIBeam AngleInput VoltageProduct Size
CHT-500910w5000k - 6500k950 - 1000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v179 x 133 x 67mm
CHT-501930w5000k - 6500k2900 - 3000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v215 x 178 x 81mm
CHT-502950w5000k - 6500k4900 - 5000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v310 x 263 x 140mm
CHT-503970w5000k - 6500k6600 - 7000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v290 x 250 x 160mm
CHT-5049100w5000k - 6500k9500 - 10000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v309 x 250 x 192mm
CHT-5059150w5000k - 6500k14000 - 15000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v400 x 340 x 192mm
CHT-5069200w5000k - 6500k18000 - 20000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v400 x 340 x 192mm
CHT-5079300w5000k - 6500k27000 - 30000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v497 x 374 x 374mm
CHT-5089400w5000k - 6500k36000 - 40000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v498 x 374 x 374mm
CHT-5099500w5000k - 6500k48000 - 50000lmCITIZEN CREE75Ra140° | 60°100v - 277v499 x 374 x 374mm

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