The all-new Skyworth LED High Bay Light


Quality Japan-made Citizen LEDs. Maximum coverage.

Intense brightness!

UV-grade PC lenses with Skyworth’s patented backlight technology.

No glare. Soothing effect!

Featuring Skyworth’s unique eddy-hole design.

Minimum heat. Cool performance!

Forged with aviation-grade aluminum shells. Corrosion-proof.

Toughness in action!


• Warehouses and Indoor Depots         • Manufacturing areas
• Indoor Arenas and Gymnasiums        • Retail store areas
• Trade Exhibition Halls


  • Quality LED Chipsets (Japan-made CITIZEN™ SMD 3030 chipsets).
    • These chipsets are LM80 certified according to strict U.S. Energy Star standards.
  • Quality Lens Cover (High-grade Polycarbonate (PC) lens covers).
    • High-grade Polycarbonate (PC) lens covers are UV-grade and capable of up to 92% light transmittance.
    • These lenses adopt Skyworth’s proprietary LED backlight technology that comply with IEC standards and eliminate glare.
  • Cool Thermal design.
    • Skyworth’s all-new LED High Bay features a proprietary thermal array aperture and unique eddy hole design.
    • The result is a powerful air convection that effectively keeps the heat sink element cool.
  • Aircraft – grade cover.
    • Skyworth’s all-new LED High Bay covers are constructed from aviation grade aluminum shells.
    • These high-grade alloys are forged to withstand heat, fracturing, and degradation in a demanding environment.

Skyworth LED High Bay Light Models and Product Specifications

ModelWattageCCTLuminous FluxChipsetCRIBeam AngleInput VoltageProduct Size
CSK-401980w5700k - 6500k8500lmCitizen 303075Ra60° | 90°100v - 277v365 x 365 x 395mm
CSK-4029120w5700k - 6500k12500lmCitizen 303075Ra60° | 90°100v - 277v365 x 365 x 395mm
CSK-4039160w5700k - 6500k16000lmCitizen 303075Ra60° | 90°100v - 277v365 x 365 x 395mm
CSK-4049200w5700k - 6500k20000lmCitizen 303075Ra60° | 90°100v - 277v365 x 365 x 395mm


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